V-Groove mirrors

Any architectural flat glass or mirror can be V-grooved, and our largest production size is 84″ x 144″. Any architectural glass can also have custom V-grooving. Additionally, our V-Grooved glass can be laminated, tempered, and heat-strengthened. At Craft Art Glass, custom profiles are also available. This glass has one or more grooves etched into it to make simple to intricate designs that suit your tastes. To generate a wide variety of designs, V-grooves can be used alone or even in conjunction with other design elements, such as UV Digital Printing on glass. With the help of the CNC V-Grooving machine, we can create almost any design that can be imagined. V-Grooving can be used on glass and mirrors, either alone or in conjunction with laminated glass. To be employed in a variety of applications, such as French doors, exterior doors, patio doors, kitchen cabinets, dining back walls, partitions, etc., V-Grooved designs can be used as single panels or integrated into double glass with Fabric Lamination units.

By using cutting-edge v-grooving technology, craft art glass artisans may engrave any pattern onto the glass’ surface. Expert artisans can create unique engraved designs on any type of glass using up-to-date and advanced v-grooving machines. Some may be unsure of how the v-grooving would function on laminated or toughened glass, but the skilled employees of Craft Art Glass can overcome any challenges with their best efforts and the aid of contemporary technology.

V-Groove mirrors

Every type of architectural flat glass and mirror can be v-grooved by Craft Art Glass. Designer front doors or windows can benefit from Craft Art Glass’s v-grooved glass to the fullest. Showcases and shower doors can both be made of V-grooved glass. V-grooved tabletops and cabinet tops are also possible with craft art glass. You can always count on Craft Art Glass to produce outstanding v-grooved glass works since contemporary equipment makes it possible to create imaginative designs on the surface of the glass.

You can choose a design that complements both your home and your personality with the help of Craft Art Glass.

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