Glass is becoming more and more popular as a building material, and architects and designers from all over the world are following this trend. Reduced cost and more design alternatives, as well as environmental advantages, are considerations. You may now access every type of design thanks to the Glass UV flatbed printer, from straightforward components to complex patterns.

With Glass UV flatbed, we reinvent the design potential for glass building components for the first time in India. Now easily accessible are personalized features, multi-color graphics, and custom designs. You can get exactly what you want when you want it, and at a price that makes sense thanks to digital print technology, which eliminates the constraints imposed by conventional glass processing techniques. It is multicolor direct-to-glass digital printing that can cover everything from the entire facade of a building (covering both interior and exterior uses) to variable serial numbers on every glass item, such as a car windscreen.

JOn-glass UV digital printing benefits glass processors in the same way that digital printing has enhanced the traditional printing industry. Due to the Glass UV printer’s unique digital print properties, a variety of exterior, interior, and architectural applications are now both feasible and feasible. The Glass UV printer is a versatile flatbed machine.

  • Interior and exterior architectural application
  • A large colour and effect palette
  • Directly from digital file to glass
  • takes care of panels ranging in size from 300 x 300 mm to 2070 x 3010 mm.
  • Ideal for creating panels of related designs

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