Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass Manufacturer, India

Craft Art Glass is a local Gold Coast company specializing in supplying and manufacturing Switchable Privacy Glass and Custom laminated Glass Products. We manufacture supply and install anywhere in India giving you a professional finished product from start to finish.

Craft Art Glass can supply you with eye-catching modern/contemporary products used by leading interior designers and architects. Our products are energy efficient and give glass technology a whole different approach with a variety of custom laminated products to best suit your business/home.

Our Switch Glass is the largest in the market, with holes drilled to your specification Craft Art Glass also supplies customized laminated glass for the commercial, residential, and marine industries.

Switch Glass is the perfect privacy screen in any room with a simple flick of a switch!

Glass Colour: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green Tint, etc.

Glass Type: Annealed, Tempered, Heat Strengthened…etc. or with Print (All Laminated)

Thickness: 6mm+6mm (13.5mm) To 8mm+8mm (17.5mm)

Size: Up to 1830mm x 3050mm

Environmental: Operation Р20 degrees to 80 degrees (-4 degrees F to 186 degrees F)

Power Supply: 100-240VAC

Driving Voltage: 3-48VDC, Depending on the design

Switching Time: Less than 100 Milliseconds

Optical: Transmission: more than 80%

View Angle: approx. 160 Degree

UV Protection: 99.8%

Life: Greater than 10 years

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