Understanding Different Types of Glass: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Glass, an everyday material often taken for granted, is a marvel of human innovation and creativity. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a journey through the diverse landscape of glass. From the windows that bring natural light into our homes to the intricate glassware that graces our tables, we’ll explore the various […]

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Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass Manufacturer, India Craft Art Glass is a local Gold Coast company specializing in supplying and manufacturing Switchable Privacy Glass and Custom laminated Glass Products. We manufacture supply and install anywhere in India giving you a professional finished product from start to finish. Craft Art Glass can supply you with eye-catching modern/contemporary products used

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Fabric Laminated Glass

Craft Art Glass has laminated glass products with beautiful fabrics encapsulated inside. The range has been carefully chosen, selecting exclusive fabrics from the most reputed multinational companies. Applications:Fabric Laminated Glass is used to create a dramatic feature in interior applications such as partitions, screens, doors, and furniture. When combined with either back-painted glass or mirrored

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Safety Laminated Glass

Safety Glass Made Easier Eva technology for safety glass interlayers helps make glass stronger and more protective. Originally created for use in specialty safety glass markets such as high-security glazing and hurricane windows, EVA interlayers are being used wherever architects or engineers need a material that can make a difference in glass performance. The strength,

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Lacquered Glass

Lacquered Glass is made of the top quality clear float or ultra clear float glass, by depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the flat and smooth surface of the glass, then carefully baking it in the furnace which is constant temperature, permanently bonding the lacquer onto the glass. Lacquered Glass has all the

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V-Groove mirrors

V-Groove Mirrors

Any architectural flat glass or mirror can be V-grooved, and our largest production size is 84″ x 144″. Any architectural glass can also have custom V-grooving. Additionally, our V-Grooved glass can be laminated, tempered, and heat-strengthened. At Craft Art Glass, custom profiles are also available. This glass has one or more grooves etched into it

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Enhancing Elegance and Modernity: The Benefits of Using Glass in Furniture

Introduction: In the world of interior design, furniture plays a crucial role in creating functional spaces that reflect personal style and enhance overall aesthetics. While wood, metal, and fabric have long been popular choices for furniture materials, another versatile and contemporary option has been gaining significant attention in recent years: glass. Integrating glass into furniture

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