Safety Laminated Glass

Safety Glass Made Easier

Eva technology for safety glass interlayers helps make glass stronger and more protective.

Originally created for use in specialty safety glass markets such as high-security glazing and hurricane windows, EVA interlayers are being used wherever architects or engineers need a material that can make a difference in glass performance.

The strength, durability, and transparency of EVA interlayers open up a world of design possibilities to help builders and designers create innovative new spaces while providing protection for occupants.

Applications range from architectural to structural glazing, EVA is currently being used to provide safety and security to glass buildings and structures all over the world.


laminated glass’ safety characteristics allow it to be a substitute for tempered glass with the added advantage of the glass usually remaining in the frame if broken, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass particles. It also strongly resists penetration by the impacting object.


colored EVA interlayers can be used in our laminated glass to allow architects to specify an array of colors for various design applications.

Bomb Blast:

The technology in our laminated glass allows the glass to bond to the (EVA)interlayer thus greatly reducing the risk of flying glass shards in the event of a bomb blast attack.


Display cases, Privacy, Banking facilities, Solar control requirements, Glass floors, Sound control, Entrance doors, Commercial and residential glazing, Safety glazing (selected thicknesses), Sloped security glazing, and skylights, reduce the likelihood of fallout.


Sizes up to 75” x 126”.

Larger sizes may be available on request A full range of shapes and thicknesses.

Clear and standard EVA colors of bronze, gray, green, white, black & many more interlayers.

Diverse glass combinations are available in single and double glazing.

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