Craft Art Glass has laminated glass products with beautiful fabrics encapsulated inside. The range has been carefully chosen, selecting exclusive fabrics from the most reputed multinational companies.

Fabric Laminated Glass is used to create a dramatic feature in interior applications such as partitions, screens, doors, and furniture. When combined with either back-painted glass or mirrored glass, the overall effect is stunning and is an inspired solution for wall cladding, or other cladding applications.

Handling and Installation:
Since the fabrics and mesh are encapsulated inside the laminated glass, the glass can be handled and installed in the same way as standard laminated glass.

The range is tested for use in interior applications.

For humid environments, such as bathrooms, please discuss your requirements with us. Some products in the range are suitable for humid environments, but depending on the product and/or glazing method, different manufacturing requirements may need to be noted on the specification/order.

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